ELEVATE is a weekend dedicated to wellness and community!

Elevate offers a chance to participate in the different wellness businesses across Cochrane. Health and wellness businesses will open doors for participants to participate in a class, workshop, seminar, or service sampling to nourish their minds, bodies, and souls.  Ticket holders of Elevate will travel from one business location to the next to experience their desired offerings on the schedule.  Enjoy the luxury of custom-creating your Elevate weekend using the online scheduling platform to pick the offerings that suit your interests. Consider this a travelling wellness conference around Cochrane!

Take this weekend to focus on elevating your well-being. When we can elevate our own sense of well-being, we create a ripple effect that elevates our friends, family, and, ultimately, our community.

Our events are designed to foster fun, inclusivity, and camaraderie. We believe in creating spaces where people can come together to connect, share experiences, and enjoy each other’s company. To ensure that everyone feels welcome and comfortable, we encourage you to read through our code of conduct.